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iXBRL Regulatory Risks from a reporting standpoint



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  • Kimberly Lanier

    In addition, I would like to see whether any companies include the process/controls around iXBRL tagging as a SOX control.  Since the tagging does not impact the accuracy of the financial statements, I can see why external auditors do not review the tagging. 

  • Lynn Kaminski

    We do not have iXBRL as a SOX control, however, do have this as part of our Company's Disclosure Controls and Procedures.

  • Tamara Hergert

    We have this as a Sox Control and I think that iXBRL filings will be reviewed by the external auditors in the near future.

  • Tom Korzendorfer

    Hi Tamara,

    How do you implement this as a SOX control and do you have any literature you could point me to that discusses the review by external auditors (or is that speculation by you)?



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