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Collaboration on SEC filings



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  • Stephanie Hout
    A few things:

    - We stopped tracking sections outside of Workiva. We use a separate tab in the workbook to have a list of assignments and sign-offs.
    - We use the "labels" to track who a section is to (the colored dots in the document outline). Each person has a color, so if it is to them, it is very visible to both you and them.
    - Where possible, at the bottom of each section of our workbook, we have built validations. These are usually something simple that shows the number in the current section in one column, and a link to the number it should agree to in another. Then a formula to verify they equal. We have a summary at the top of each section to make sure all validations agree, and then an overall document summary that shows each section's validations are in agreement.
    - Personally, I think tasks works better for people outside your group who don't stay in the document all the time. We also have a pre-filing task list that I upload each quarter, but it is usually more administrative tasks.
    - Outside of that, we are doing daily status updates for 10 minutes to discuss things that aren't currently where they are supposed to be on the schedule.

    Hope this helps.
  • Arihant Bengani
    Thanks Stephanie! this was really helpful. So listing work areas, names and updating the status in workbook within Wdesk rather than separate excel file.
  • Permanently deleted user
    I've also had this challenge, and I'm still trying to see what works the best for my team, but here are some other thoughts...I've tried to draft the sign-off task list in the workbook in Wdesk as well, and that was not any more successful than excel. From an overall reviewer standpoint, I use the outline labels to track whether or not something is drafted, in progress, etc. It works well for me from a visual standpoint, but doesn't help with getting the rest of the team to update those. Another method I've used, is to set up tasks within Wdesk. This was time consuming to set up and at the time couldn't be rolled forward to next quarter, so it wasn't worth the effort but that was about a year ago. If it had some more enhancements, including a reviewer option, rolling forward tasks and is rolled out to next gen documents, that is what I think would really help the collaboration process. Happy to hear about what ends up working for your team.
  • Michelle Botelho
    Hi Everyone, 

    If you are using second generation documents tracking becomes much easier.

    We have utilized data validation and conditional formatting to help track what has been done and signed off.

    With data validation we create a list with two options Complete or In Progress, we use conditional formatting on the cell green for complete red for in progress. We have this box for every input/table that goes into the 10Q or K. Right next to the data validation cell is a sign off cell where people can sign off with there initials or name as well as a date of when it was signed off.

    We then create a list of all tasks and cross reference the data validation, sign off and date cells to this list. Therefore on one tab we can see what is completed when it was completed and what is still outstanding. On this list we have a column of the data needed, the tab where it should be inputted and the status, sign off and date.

    Additionally we use a color system which helps up input. We use yellow for manual inputs, green for formulas cells and purple for cell that are pulling in data from other tabs. When we update something we change the manual input cells from a pastel yellow to a different yellow so we can see what has and has not been updated at a glance rather than having to put on overlays and check cell by cell.

    Hope some of this helps, if you have any questions or want more insight let me know, always happy to share our efficiencies. 

  • Arihant Bengani

    Thanks for sharing your practices!

    We finally decided to use outline labels and excel tracking, and that seems to be working for now. We also started using color system for inputs in workbook / spreadsheets.


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