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Is there a way to make a 0 show up as the word immaterial or not material in the document?



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  • Ben Andrews
    I don't think you can do it through formatting.  But it's pretty easy to handle with a formula in your spreadsheet/workbook.  For example, if the 0 were in cell A1, you could put this formula in an adjacent cell:
    then, link the cell with the formula into your document.
  • Alex Pabellon
    That would be your best option, maybe add a numeric range so that it increases its functionality.

    The other options are to:

    1. right click on the linked item and select "format link." At the bottom click on "Advanced." There is an option to "show number as words" and then five options for the number 0: "no," "nothing," "none," "nil," and "zero"

    2. Under the "advanced" option above, there are options for a custom prefix or a custom suffix. It basically appends your desired text to the value of the linked cell. So you might type a suffix with the words "or immaterial" so that the linked cell shows "zero or immaterial." Or a prefix with the word "substantially" so that the cell reads "substantially zero" or something similar.

    The first option is better. The downside is that you have to go back and change the custom language and/or word format if next quarter's value changes. So the IF formula is your most versatile approach.

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