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Change a remark added to a revision



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Hi Cathryn Stovall,

    Thanks for resurrecting this old gem. :)

    I marked this particular item as "completed" since this is technically available now, but only in next generation. It will not be added to classic Documents.

    In next generation Documents, for example, you can add and edit a remark by going to the History panel and from there you can mark a Milestone and add a Remark. Afterward, you are then able to edit both the Milestone and the Remarks, like so:

    I should note that the option to add a remark is only available on Milestones, not all revisions.

    Let me know if you have any questions on the above or need anything else. Thanks again and have a great day in the meantime!

  • Mike
    Hi Kari,

    Welcome to the Community and thanks for your question. To answer, unfortunately, you cannot change or edit a remark after it's been added to a document revision. This feature request is one that our Product Team has been investigating and I'm happy to share your interest with them. I'll keep you apprised of any updates on this post but if you do have any questions for me or need anything else, feel free to ask. Thanks again and have a great day in the meantime.

  • Cathryn Stovall

    This post is quite old, has this issue been fixed as it seems like you should be able to edit a remark.


  • Cathryn Stovall

    Thanks.  We need the option to add remarks on all revisions as that is how we notate for others editing in the document as to what change we made with that revision.  For example my remark might be: “updated cash flow”, we only mark milestones when it is a major draft.

  • Kari Bergren

    I'm in agreement with Cathryn. We also need the option to remark on all revisions and not just ones we make a milestone. This is a big one for us and big negative if we can no longer do that without making every revision a milestone.


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