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Spell check in Presentations?



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    Hello again, Brendan!

    Wanted to give a quick update here regarding spell check in Presentations. As of today, this is available, but the only caveat I'd add for this feature is that if something is misspelled in your Presentation, you won't see the so-called red squiggly line until you activate the object in your slide, i.e. you click within the table, text box, shape, etc.

    Should there be any further enhancements to the spell check feature, I'll be sure to let you know, but you can also follow our What's New category to stay-up-to date. Thanks and happy spelling!

  • Mike
    Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for the question. Unfortunately at this time the spell check feature is not yet available for Presentations. Our Product Team is working on adding this in, but it will likely not be available in the near future. I've let them know of your interest in adding this in and will gladly keep this post updated with any new developments.

    In the meantime, one thing you could do is to add a browser extension, such as Grammarly, which checks spelling (and other items) as you type in your browser. This would at least save having to download the file to check it. I use Grammarly and find it quite useful.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions for me or if you need anything else. Thanks again and have a great day. Cheers!
  • Faramarz Romer

    Hi Mike, 

    Does Grammarly work for drafting 10Qs and 10Ks without having to export those docs outside of Wdesk? Do I need to get specific type of license from Grammarly to work as an add-in for Wdesk?



  • Mike

    Hi Farmarz!

    Hmm... I haven't used Grammarly in awhile, actually. I suppose it would work in whatever file you are in. It is added an Extension to Chrome, so you'd need Admin rights to your machine and then perhaps a review by your IT to see if they approve as well.


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