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How many registrants have already submitted using iXBRL?



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  • Dalisay Pingul

    I am slightly slightly overexcited to use iXBRL and to see it in action in the SEC website! In the future postings, can you please update us on the number of filers adopting iXBRL? Also, I love the sharing of challenges other filers are facing.

  • Mike
    Hi all!

    Wanted to provide a quick update on how iXBRL is shaping up these days.

    As expected, we've seen some good growth in the number of filers who are submitting using iXBRL, and Workiva has been the provider for almost 70% of all iXBRL filings. 

    Since Q1 2017, registrants have submitted over 300 iXBRL filings using the Wdesk platform. And since Q1 2017, nearly 100 unique registrants have filed using iXBRL in Wdesk, many of whom have been doing so for over 1 year now.

    As we draw near to the end of Q2, we anticipate these numbers to continue to expand, both in terms of the total number of iXBRL submissions, and Workiva's overall share of iXBRL filings.

    Again, if you're interested in iXBRL, we suggest reaching out to your CSM to get the conversation started. As always, let us know if you have any questions and happy tagging!
  • Mike
    Hello again!

    Another few quarters have passed and as we near the end of 2018, I thought I'd provide another quick update.

    As expected, with the SEC's announcement this past June of the new mandated phase-in process for iXBRL starting next year, there's been a rise in the total number of iXBRL filings.

    Since the first half of the year, there's been an overall increase of almost 90% in the total number of filers submitting with iXBRL with over 350 total registrants. In addition, compared to all of 2017, nearly twice as many total filers are have filed with iXBRL so far in 2018, which as now at 500 registrants and counting. And of course, Workiva is leading the charge again with nearly an 80% share of all iXBRL filings that have taken place.

    As always, if you are looking at filing with iXBRL in your next filing, reach out to your CSM and we'll get you going in no time at all.

    Thanks as always, and have a super day!

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