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Is there a way to make the fill in a text block transparent?



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  • Officiële opmerking

    Hi Tim!

    I'm following up on some of these older requests and came upon yours. You may already be aware, but wanted to let you know that now with next gen Presentations, you can set the transparency level (aka opacity) of shapes within a slide, including text boxes. This is available from Edit tab, under the Fill menu, like so:

    Note that is is not an option for classic Presentations. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for your patience. Happy Monday!

  • Mike
    Hi Tim,

    Unfortunately, the ability to set the transparency on text boxes and other shapes is currently not available in Wdesk, though our Product Team is looking into adding this feature. I've let them know of your interest and will keep you updated on this post going forward. Let me know if you have any questions for me in the meantime. Thanks!
  • Jillian Halm

    We could use this feature in Documents as well - within cell fills.

  • Tracie Stricklin

    I second Jillian. I was just looking to do this in a document and found this thread. With all the other expanded design capabilities in documents, it would be nice to have this feature as well.


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