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Copying multiple slides



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    Sure, np!

    In a next gen Presentation, if you right click on any slide in the outline, there will be an option for Copy and also for Duplicate. Here's an example:

    Copy will of course copy the slide to your clipboard. You can then paste elsewhere in the the outline and right click to choose Paste and a new slide will be added that is a copy of the first. This also works if you paste the same slide data into another next gen Presentation.

    Duplicate similarly creates an exact copy of the slide you are selecting and places it directly below the slide you have duplicated.

    To copy or duplicate more than one slide at a time use Shift or Ctrl and select the necessary slides.  Then use the Copy or Duplicate options mentioned above. 

    Does that make sense? If you have any questions for me on the above, or need anything else, let me know and I'll be happy to help. Have a great day and chat with you soon. Cheers!

  • Mike
    Hi Jay,

    Unfortunately, at this time there's not yet a way to copy/duplicate more than one slide in a Presentation. This is something our Product Team is looking into, and I've shared your interest with them. I'll be sure to keep this post updated going forward with any new developments.

    In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions for me or need anything else. Thanks as always and have a great day!
  • Mike
    Good news, Jay!

    I was doing some testing on next generation Presentations today and indeed, you can now copy/paste or duplicate multiple slides within your Presentation. Note that this is only for next gen, though.

    Thought I'd share. Give me a holler if you have any questions for me in the meantime. Happy copying! :)
  • Serena Legere
    Could you explain this process? I was actually trying to do this yesterday and couldn't figure it out. 

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