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Creating client surveys in the Audit Experience



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  • Jennifer Horton

    We have not done this, but what a great idea. Following to see if anyone else has successfully done this. We currently use Microsoft Forms for these surveys. I think it's also helpful to have them in person based on the individual. Sometimes you get better feedback/ context on responses that way. 

  • Geneviene Smith

    We have thought about doing this in Workiva and think it is a great idea. We are currently using Microsoft Forms. However, we are planning on trying to use the certification/processes to try and create and send out surveys but we have not done it yet.

  • Candice Adams

    We currently use survey monkey, but are interested in how it goes in Wdesk. We considered migrating into Wdesk but there wasn't an "easy" way to do it and the reporting/analytics in survey monkey are very useful.

  • Udo

    At first glance I would have suggested to use the Certifications functionality but I think the possibilities for reviewing and analyzing the answers are limited. Maybe an idea for the developers, to extend the Certfificatons functionality? 


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