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Is it possible to see or export a prior version of a document that includes just open (not resolved) comments?



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  • Isabel Messore

    Julie White,

    It is not possible to export only open comments (on current or prior version). However, this has been requested in the past. I can get you added to the feature request! In the meantime, I found a possible workaround for tracking open comments over time. It's not ideal but, might be worth a shot!  As long as Comments home is enabled, you can create a workflow where you export comments for that document at intervals of your teams choosing (and filter in the csv for only open). Your CSM should be able to work through that with you if you decide to go that route. Otherwise, we'll keep you updated on the feature request and any progress!

  • Barbara

    Isabel, can you please add me to the feature request as I am struggling with the same issue.





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