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Connect to datasource - formatting



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  • Andrew McKenzie

    That's been my observation as well, but I'm also interested to hear if it's confirmed that no formatting comes over at all, ever, period, no matter what, etc.....

  • Linda Walter

    This is my observation as well.  I can update the formatting in the connected sheet, but once the sheet is refreshed and rows change, the formatting is no longer correct.  This is a lot of manual effort to maintain right now.

  • Isabel Messore

    Hi Liz Hinson, Andrew McKenzie, and Linda Walter

    I've been doing some digging on this for you all. Here's what I found:

    If you are using Workiva Sync, to preserve formatting we recommend using the import feature when first bringing in an Excel file into Workiva. After the initial import, use Workiva Sync to efficiently make updates. More information can be found here

    If you are not using Workiva Sync, generally, formatting will not pull over in the connection. However, in some cases, the formatting can be changed/updated within the destination file depending on the connection method you are using. 

    For specifics on formatting without Workiva Sync, please submit a support ticket here, our team will be able to dig deeper into this!


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