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Advantages of sharing a query vs. using a connected data set



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  • Isabel Messore

    Thank you for putting this together Andrew McKenzie! These are all very fair and good points! One thing I will clarify is

    "Better performance / more scalable – Connected Data Sets have a limited number of cells / data points that they can share (currently 2 million cells), whereas queries can return much larger datasets."

    A connected query will have the same limitations as we are bound by how much a spreadsheet can handle. While the underlying data the query is executing on or reading on could be well over 2 million but ideally the output is going to be something more manageable.

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Thank you Isabel Messore. I made a correction/clarification in my original post. And agreed that we won't plan on throwing around 2 million values willy-nilly regardless.


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