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Preparing for Smart Links



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  • Isabel Messore

    Hi Andrew McKenzie !

    Thanks for sharing. I will have to follow up on #1. As for 2 and 3, I think it is best to combine them as it seems you may be looking to turn a metric value into a Smart Link and share it across the workspace. Today, an ESG link and Smart Link are separate experiences. ESG Links allow customers to search their program and directly insert from the program into a file as a link. Those particular links will not be able to become Smart Links.

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Thanks for the reply Isabel Messore, and we'll be eager to hear more. Right now, without having access to either feature, I can only speculate, but it does seem like a bit of a disappointment, as it sounds like setting up an ESG Link and setting up a Smart Link are somewhat duplicative/conflicting experiences. For an organization like ours that has separate workspaces for such solutions as SEC, GSR, ESG, currently across multiple workspaces, we're still trying to understand if there will be a clear standard approach for sharing ESG program metrics out to various reporting teams. Both ESG Links and Smart Links sound like they will be the wave of the future, but it also sounds like we'll have to forgo ESG Links in order to use Smart Links (and vice versa), unless we want to consolidate users into a single super-workspace so that they can all use ESG Links.

    Just thinking out loud—again without having seen the actual features—but I'm hoping someday for a feature that combines the benefits we've seen in both, such as ability to (selectively?) expose/share key ESG metric information and attributes with users in other workspaces and especially to have complete visibility into all the destinations that are consuming that data.


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