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  • Andrew McKenzie

    Joshua Wallis I glanced at this when you first posted it and was interested as I had never heard of this feature (Advanced Formula Editor). Then I forgot all about it, but today I visited that same article for another reason and saw this feature mentioned again. Excited, I also went to try to use it, but like you, I seem to be unable to turn it on. When I expand the formula editor area in my spreadsheet it just uselessly adds more whitespace, as shown in your screenshot. There is no expansion of the formula with automatic line-breaks/indentation (what I was after).


  • Isabel Messore

    Welcome to the Community Joshua Wallis and welcome back Andrew McKenzie,

    Unfortunately, support for the Advanced Formula Editor was removed a number of years ago. It looks like our support article is woefully out of date. I do apologize for that and thank you for bringing this to our attention. There are efforts in progress, though not prioritized, to bring back the Advanced Formula Editor. No ETA at this time but we'll keep you posted if that changes!

  • Andrew McKenzie

    Thanks Isabel Messore for the clarification. It certainly seemed like a useful feature, so I hope it is brought back soon.


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