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Yellow Triangle in Formula Cell



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  • Chuck

    Interested to know more about this change.

  • Isabel Messore

    Welcome to the Community Joe White and welcome back Chuck!

    Long story short, the yellow triangle means your formula is correct however, the number displayed is different from the exact value. I can give some more background as to why this might happen as well!
    Essentially, when using formulas, users are able to set whether the formula calculates in "full precision" or "as displayed" -- by default, I believe formulas calculate at full precision. You can change the global default for a file in the file properties. You can also change this at a more granular level by changing the setting "value format option for the cell properties" to "as displayed". 
    Any time a formula is presenting a different value compared to the other calculation method, the green triangle in the bottom right will turn yellow instead to warn that they should double check the values are appearing as they expect.
    Hope this provides some insight!
  • Joe White

    Thanks for your reply Isabel Messore! This was a big help. 


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