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  • Andrew McKenzie

    I can sympathize with this, as I've also seen significant hesitation to encourage senior-level employees to adopt any new tool (Workiva included) out of fear of causing any disruption to them.

    One idea could be if there was some way to basically set up a Workiva account so that no notifications would be sent to it: like a flag or toggle to suppress notifications of any sort to that user. Obviously that could interfere with MFA so that might be a problem, and it might be better enabled at the group level so that one didn't have to remember to do this individually for every user in that category.

    This led me to an intermediate workaround Chuck which probably carries its own problems, but since username and e-mail address are separate fields in the user profile, could you simply use a dummy/other e-mail address in those user account profiles (if you have access to those or can work with those who do)? This seems like a substantial antipattern but it may be the lesser of two evils. Plus the "Send e-mail notification" feature of Reviews couldn't be used, and you'd instead have to notify those users manually. Just a thought.


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