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Workiva Sync Excel Add-in



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  • Liz Walters

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for reaching out! Here's a couple of troubleshooting tips that might help: 

    • If Sync isn't working for any Excel files, it's possible your organization may have add-ons disabled. In this case, your IT team would need to resolve that. The bottom of this article addresses this.
    • Is it possible that this could be a really old excel file type? We've seen situations where users have tried to use a file from Microsoft Excel 97-2003, and that isn't compatible with Sync. 
    • We've also seen this happen if you have a .xls or .xlsm file open. Office add-ins only work with .xlsx files. In this case, the file will need to be saved as a .xlsx file.

    Hope one of these tips work for you! If you find this doesn't resolve, please reach out and we'll connect you with our Support team for further investigation.  


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