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  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Ryan. Each option must be added to its own line. One option per line. This means that "1,2,3,4" will be treated as a single option. However,


    will be treated as four individual select options.

  • Ryan Townshend

    Any idea how to take a query result or a list file contents and turn it into the 4 individual items rather than one combined item?


  • Jeff Hickey

    This is dependent on the query results themselves. For example, your query may already produce the values row by row, the values may need to be parsed out, or the query may have additional information included, etc. This is where you have several options to parse out the values such as using Advanced Query or Data Prep, Dynamic Outputs, Handlebars, and more. The goal of the transformation is instead of passing a comma separated list of values, pass a line separated list of values.


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