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Desgined Reporting - Workiva / Amplify



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    Hello there Maggie Elliott and Melanie Gabb!

    Apologies both for the delay here, and for the confusion regarding the availability of the Designed Reporting features shown at Amplify. I can hopefully shed some clarity for you here.

    These features are available for all solutions, but depending on what solution(s) you have it may require an add-on. Your Account Rep and/or CSM can best assist helping answer that question.

    Hopefully this helps some. Let me know what questions you have for me. Thanks as always and have a super day!


  • Melanie Gabb

    I was told it was a nominal fee.

  • Maggie Elliott

    The fee may be relative on a company basis, but we feel mislead and did not think we would need to pay at all for the feature based off what was said at Amplify


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