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Conditional questions in Certification process



5 opmerkingen

  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Amy Jordan
    This is not currently available. I will set up an idea ticket for you to track all progress there.
    We appreciate your feedback!

  • Nicole McCollum

    we would be interested in this as well!

  • Gaby Le

    Echoing Amy's request - this would be super helpful for us and I imagine a lot of teams out there! I'd love to be added to the idea ticket and kept posted.

  • Susan Imperato

    We also have a use case for conditional questions and would be interested in this feature.  Thank you!

  • Courtnie Carver

    Hello Nicole, Gaby, and Susan -

    We have set up tickets for each of you to stay updated on this potential feature and we will let our product team know we have more votes for this!

    Thank you!



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