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Markup Text Box Sizing



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  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Heather Keil
    This isn't known behavior in mark-up. Can you please double click in the text box, click before the 0 and make sure everything before the 0 is deleted. 
    If you want the text or text box to be smaller without cutting anything off, please double click inside and lower the font of 06.SAP.02 and then resize the text box.
    If you are still having this issue after these steps let us know. 

  • Heather Keil

    Isaac Oard Thanks for the information. There is no text to delete prior to the 0 in the text box. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Heather Keil
    Since this is not what should be happening, I will connect you with our support team to address what is occurring. 
    Thanks for your patience.


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