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Equation Formula within Documentation referencing table data.



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  • Liz Walters

    Hi Chuck,

    Apologies about the delayed response! I must have missed this post a couple weeks ago. I think an option here could be to add a column to your table that calculates the percent change and then link that value in your documentation. If you would wish for this column not to show, it could be hidden once everything is linked. If you'd like to not add columns to the table, the values you need could always be linked to a sheet in a spreadsheet. Here, the percent change could be calculated before being linked to your documentation. Once the linking is complete, the Formats menu within the right-hand side Properties panel will be helpful for formatting the percent change for how you would like it to appear in the text. 

    Something that could also be beneficial, depending on your context, could be to link the word "increase" or "decrease" into your text based on the percent change value (image below).

    Thanks for your patience and I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions. 



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