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Attachments in Documents



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  • Mike

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for reaching out. Excited to see you are using attachments more in your review process but a bummer you are hitting some latency issues and the like.

    The Workiva Platform is largely at the mercy of the speed of a connection. Here's a site you can use to check your network connection: However, latency issues do occur and you can check the status of the platform here:

    As far as size or amount of attachments, the max amount is 3,000 per file and max for a single attachment is 1 GB. The larger issue would be trying to export all those files if they were that big. However, 1 GB is terribly large for an attachment. Do you know how many KB or MB your attachments generally are?

    If you are hitting this often or run into it again, I'd definitely recommend contacting Customer Support so they can catch it in the lagging, locked up state. That will help identify if it is a connection issue, or something beyond that.

    Hopefully this helps some. Let me know what questions you have for me and if you need anything further.  Cheers!

  • Kelly Plyler

    We currently have only 60 documents attached to our 10-K file.  The largest attachment is 9 MB.  Most are less than 1 MB. 

    Here are my results - I don't know how to interpret them though...  Are they good/bad/average?

  • Mike

    Thanks for the speedy turnaround, Kelly.

    60 docs 9MB and under is definitely not too big. The report is also Greek to me, but I shared with our Support Engineers who did not see any issues with your results. As far as next steps, I'd definitely say to contact them if you run into this latency so we can catch it in action. They'll also likely run a Canary report, which you can access here.

    Sorry I couldn't provide more of answer for ya. Let me know what questions you have and if you need any further help. Cheers!


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