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Spreadsheet cell limits

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  • Mike

    Hello and welcome, Carl!

    The answer is any cell, even those that are empty, count toward your cell limit of 2 million. The best way to reduce down would be to completely delete out blank cells, especially so those that might be acting as a placeholder in your outline. By default, a new sheet will span to column Z and have 50 rows, so 1,300 cells (26 x 50). Deleting out unused columns can help here.

    Let me know if there are any questions here. And our Workiva product team are looking into use cases of needs beyond 2 million cells, and they'd be happy to connect with your CSM to go over options and your current needs. Thanks again for your contributions and chat soon!

  • Carl Hills

    Thanks Mike, that's very helpful and just the answer I was hoping for!

  • Mike

    You're quite welcome. I recently hit the 2 mill. limit on a Spreadsheet and found myself having get rid of blank columns, which did help.

  • Carl Snodgrass

    Does Workiva have any plans to increase the cell limit?  We are also bumping up against the limit and have removed as many blank cells as possible.  

  • Mike

    Hi Carl!

    Off hand there's not any hard plans to bump up this limit, but that being said, it is possible for our engineers to increase the limit on a case-by-case basis. If you do wish to go beyond the 2 million limit, your CSM can reach out internally to start that process.

  • Peter Wetheridge

    Hello - I landed on this post when investigating my own cell limit issues - is the above statement of 'any cell, even those that are empty' still the case?

    When I insert a new worksheet the cell count of my workbook does not change. When I add something to one cell, the count goes up by one.

  • Hugh Hart

    Hi Peter,

    I just answered this in your other post but yes, this is still the case. The cell count that you are looking at is cells that have values in them, not a count of the total cells. Let me know if you need anything else! 


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