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Bulk upload issues



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  • Mike

    Hi Jon!

    Thanks for the question. I got the following info from our experts here.

    In Workiva, issues can be created in bulk in a few ways:
    • Report Based Import: an Issue Report can be created by your CSM or through Report Builder to list all issues. This Report would then accept bulk create new issue records. The columns of the report dictate the fields that can be filled out on an issue when created. You'd then able to right-click the "Report data" section of left-hand report panel and select "Import"
    • Import Sheet: in this approach, you'd send your data to your CSM (or PSM) and they'd build an import sheet, similar to importing test phases
    • API Endpoint: takes some technical savvy and work to implement, but can be used to create records

    Let me know what questions you have here, or if you need anything else. Thanks for reaching out and happy Wednesday!


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