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10-KT - XBRL Dates

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  • Mike
    Hi Erin,

    Great question! Upon reading your question, I think you are mostly concerned with the actual date ID names of your dates, right? For example, previously 10/1 to 12/31 would have been Q1 for you, but now its Q4, so you are asking how to reconcile that in Wdesk?

    The great news is that you can easily change all your dates for XBRL at once using the Fiscal Calendar. This is found under the Advanced menu in the XBRL tab, under the option 'Show Fiscal Calendar'. Then from there, you can enter your new 2019 dates and when you got to tag, these will be automatically filled out for you.

    A few things to note are that this is an account-wide setting, so it will change for your entire account for all your XBRL tagged filings. Changing it now will not change what you've previously filed, but just know its account-wide, so if you have multiple CIKs, it's important to note.

    If I've missed the mark here, let me know and I'll be happy to help. Otherwise, let me know if you have any additional questions as well. Thanks, and have a great rest of your day!

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