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What is your favorite Workiva feature?

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  • Melanie Gabb

    The ease of creating and editing work programs within the audit workspace, as well as the drag and drop ability for testing.

  • Tatiana Nunes

    The functionality that I can't live without is undoubtedly the ease of the links and all the rest of the workiva platform   : )

  • Brendan Garst

    Linking; its the foundational tool that makes the product as useful as it is!

  • Xhan

    Although I do not reside in the U.S., I would like to share my favorite Workiva feature. My favorite feature is Workiva's floating objects, such as text boxes and images. For me, it revolutionize document design by offering unparalleled flexibility. These features allow users to strategically place elements for enhanced clarity and visual appeal, streamlining both the design process and user experience. With Workiva, we can effortlessly create documents that are not only informative but also visually engaging, setting a new standard in professional communication.

  • Susie Than

    Attachments feature. Makes financial tie out so much easier!

  • Zachary Swarts

    My favorite feature is the button that says Live Filing!

  • Heather Pumphrey

    Linking! It provides one source of the truth and confidence across the organization. 

  • Lauren Ertle

    I've used Workiva for 4.5 years and I can't live without all the testing markup capabilities!!! Life changing how much time is saved by not having to annotate everything manually (in Excel, PDF, etc.) - leaves us time for more fun audits. :)

  • Amanda Berry


  • Margaret Warren

    While I can list a million features that conveniently make my job easier every single day, I can narrow it down to two favorites. 

    1. Blacklines- allow for easy of viewing and managing changes and aid in executive review (just sent one to an executive team member for this purpose!).

    2. Directed comments- so simple, but wildly effective in allowing teams of all types to achieve better collaboration and enhance process efficiency on the platform. 

  • Chris Lollar

    Currently my favorite is the ESG Solution "Program" and all that it allows a user to do (including connectedness to the ESG Explorer), and as an aside like the Home page in the ESG Solution

  • Maggie Elliott

    My favorite feature is the mark up feature in documents, I look forward to seeing it in presentations hopefully in the near future. 

  • Pamela McIntosh

    Definitely the links!

  • Larry Slivon

    Linking and conditional formatting!  Used together, it is a great way to identify when two sections don't match (think Balance Sheet vs Equity Roll-forward). 

  • Lindsey Siebert

    The whole platform is a dream - but my favorite features are linking, blacklines and being able to file myself. 

  • Celeste Rasmussen Peiffer

    Where to begin??

    --The ability to easily add and track holdings on the Section 16 platform.

    --Ease in "rolling over" previous filings for future use.

    --The "Document Health" feature, which goes beyond critical errors to ensure a seamless filing. 

    --Practical tips on the Workiva Community message boards 

  • Daniel Guasso

    The Links feature is the best. Such a time saver, especially when combined with Wdata & Chains.

  • Yesenia Galarza

    Linking for sure! I can't imagine having to make a last-minute update without this feature. 

  • Christian Kauffman

    As a user of the SOX Compliance Solution, I'm forever indebted to the ability to link items between databases, Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheets. The ability for real-time updates has saved me a thousand headaches from previous solutions.

  • Lydia Hardy

    Can't live without linking!

  • Theresa Parrish

    The ease of tagging your own XBRL and the connection to the taxonomy from inside the Workiva platform. Also, I really appreciate all of the checks and health reports that are available to review before you file. Thanks!

  • Ellen

    Linking is the best feature in my opinion!  It makes my life so much easier.

  • Ashley Thomason

    The ease in rolling projects forward and linking to a single source document is so helpful. I have been a Workiva user for over 8 years and hope I never work for a company that doesn't use it!

  • Katie Calandro

    As a designer, my favorite feature is the global color palette. 

  • Jiayi Tan

    Linking, blackline, easy to use overall functions, easy-to-follow support videos, and the 24/7 Workiva support. 

  • Linda Walter

    I love the linking abilities within spreadsheets and between workspaces. I also love being able to use Wdata to automate some of the ESG metrics. These features help save time and effort.

  • Jwala Vijayan

    I would recommend Workiva anyday hands-down. Then platform has made the SEC reporting process so seamless and organized. I have a few favorites,all time and recent.


    -Linking - Reporting could have been made more efficient without this feature. With one click of the button, all numbers across the board is revised which enables accuracy in reporting through automation.

    - XBRL errors and Document health - Great feature for users who are in the last-minute crunch and don't have the time to review the document in detail.


    Document tie-out - Useful tool for audit purposes as all the tie-outs can be done in one location with supporting documents attached.

    Certification - Saves time by making it easier for leadership to certify using Workiva

  • Laura Bjerkebek

    I have always loved the linking to a single source of truth. I also love the Review functionality that we use internally and for our external auditors and law firm.

  • Alan Droll

    Being able to link numbers in schedules and testimony, which avoids mistakes when numbers are changed late in the process for one of our filings. 

  • Ryan Linstromberg

    Our new CFO really seems to like the Comments feature. I appreciate how easy it is to run blacklines for legal and auditor reviews. 


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