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Freeze Panes - Horizontal and Vertical

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  • Liz Walters

    Hi Cory,

    Thank you for this feedback! I can definitely see how that would be a helpful feature to add. I've shared this idea with our product team for consideration and we'll keep you updated as it moves forward.


  • Alice Helmke

    Hi! What am I missing here? Are we talking about freeze panes in spreadsheets? If I'm in cell B2 and click freeze panes, it seems to freeze row 1 and column A.

  • Cory Shimbashi

    Hi Alice,

    Thank you! I didn't know this worked.

    Question to Workiva:

    I believe this should be added to the Workiva Support site below. Support site says we can only freeze rows or columns.,the%20View%20toolbar%2C%20click%20Freeze%20.

  • Liz Walters


    Thanks for bringing attention to this Alice Helmke. I definitely learned something new today!  

    Cory Shimbashi I think you bring up a great point about updating some of the wording/directions on the Support Center. I'll coordinate internally to see if we can provide some more clarity in that article. I'll also close out the product request ticket since this functionality is available today. 

    Thank you both and have a great weekend! 

  • Mike

    Good catch Alice Helmke! That does seem correct. If you click on a cell in the range, it will freeze at that column and row.

    Looks like we need to update that article to be precise on that. Thanks again for catching. We'll get that update going on our end. Cheers!


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