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Workiva Sync - Formulas



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  • Stacey Borgstadt

    This would be helpful for our team as well.

  • Liz Walters

    Hi Brittany and Stacey,

    Thanks for your great question! There are some workarounds here, albeit they're a little clunky.

    The first suggestion I have it to use the "Use selected ranges" option instead of syncing the entire sheet. This way, you can run a sync with formulas on some cells and then choose no formula for the remaining cells. (Note: This option is not available in Excel 2016 or 2019)

    This other option is available regardless of the version of Excel. The goal here is also to run two syncs, one with formulas and one without. 

    1. Create a sheet (Sheet 0) in the Excel file linked to the only the cells in the external workbooks being referenced in the sheet being synced (Sheet 1).
    2. Point the formulas in Sheet 1 to the cells in Sheet 0.
    3. Sync Sheet 1 with formulas.
    4. Sync Sheet 0 without formulas.

    I'm happy to put in a feature request with our product team for this as well! To give them some more details, if we were to implement an ability to solve this, how would you like it to look? 

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing your ideas! 


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