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Connections vs Source/Destination Links



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  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Christy,

    Happy to share some insights from the Workiva side.

    When to use Connections vs Linking would depend largely on the use case, and it’s often not so straightforward on if/when to deploy which. In general, though, links are best for smaller data sets where formatting is more important, whereas Connections are best used with larger ones that can be pulled in from a Wdata source.

    As far as resources, we don’t have an article or training that calls that out specifically, though this is good food for thought and I’m happy to pass this along to our team.

    All that said, I too am interested in how others approach this choice and/or tips they have, so thanks for the question.

  • Christy Mazza

    Thanks Isaac! Your response is very helpful!

    Yes, it would be incredibly helpful to have an overview article, comparison chart, a "if you have to do this with your data, connections would work best because xyz", something like that, etc. Let me know if I can help out with that, like examples of our use cases, etc. :)

  • Justyna Plesiewicz

    Hi Isaac Oard

    It will be great to have an article regarding the 'source link' or 'connections'.
    I would like to know why  highlighting the figures/ period with source link (CTRL + ; ) is so important. 


  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Christy Mazza and Justyna Plesiewicz
    We have set up a ticket for you to track progress on this article being published.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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