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MD&A Cash Flow Flux Formula



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  • Michael Baranowski

    We have 2 columns, one for the "decrease" and "increase" language, one for the actual dollar change.  The formula in our dollar change column is pretty simple (CY less PY).  A sample of formula from the language column looks like this:

    =IF(E8="[X]","[X]",IF(OR(ABS(E8)=ABS(G8),E8*G8<0),"[ERROR]",IF(ABS(E8)>ABS(G8),"an increase","a decrease")))

    Where in this example:

    - E8 is the current year value,

    - G8 is the prior year value, and

    - "[X]" is our initial roll-forward condition for all CY values before we fill in actuals.

    If you wanted to use different terminology, you could always replace the "an increase" and "a decrease" language with something like "provided by" and "used in", but make sure to tailor those to each line (our increase/decrease discussion is pretty generic).  In other words, if you are interested in this formula, make sure to review for your own situation and test it with inputs specific to your setup.

    I hope this helps - happy formula writing!


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