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Sync & Apple

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  • Mike

    Hi Cindy!

    Welcome to the community 👋

    I have good news. As noted here, as part of our planned enhancements, the next version of Sync will support Mac users. This new version is available in beta if you'd like to request early access, otherwise this would roll out in June this year. 

    Let me know what questions you have and if you need anything further. Cheers!

  • Cindy Valerio

    Hi Mike,

    Following up on this.  Has this feature been rolled out?

  • Mike

    Hi Cindy,

    Yes, Workiva Sync is now fully rolled out and this is available through Microsoft Appsource Marketplace to install or a direct install. You may need IT to help if that is not allowable on your own machine (more info here). Let me know what follow-ups you have for me. Thanks and have a great day!


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