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Superscript formatting within a formula



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  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the community, Eileen!

    The answer is both no, and yes. Today superscript formatting doesn't flow through a formula (nor would bold or italics), so that bit isn't possible. However, a symbol would flow through, so you can insert the symbol for a superscript letter b into you formula and that should flow. To get a symbol in, if its not available from the Insert > Symbol menu (superscript letters are no, only some numbers) you need to create the symbol in another application, copy it, and paste it in. Commonly you do this in Word using a unicode insert method. For superscript letter b, for example, it would be code 1D47. Here's some steps to insert unicode in Word:

    1. Open a blank document in MS Word
    2. In text, type Alt+1D47
    3. The superscript symbol should appear: ᵇ
    4. Copy and paste into Workiva

    Here's an article with the codes for other superscript and subscript characters:

    Hopefully this helps some. Do let me know if you have any questions about these steps or need any further help. Thanks again and have a super day!


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