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Destination Links in FERC Footnotes




  • Courtnie Carver

    Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for the question. I did some digging with our experts and unfortunately this has always been an issue ​within Workiva​ regarding how XBRL (and table footnotes) render in that view. ​ As ​you note, the generation and rendering of the footnote works as expected, h​owever, in this​ screen​, Workiva cannot provide the​ link values contained in the footnote.

    While we don’t commonly see linking used for all footnotes, we do acknowledge how this could be a hindrance​ for our users​.​ We have sent this to our products team and will look for ways to address this, but in the meantime, outside of not linking the values​, ​there’s not a great workaround available, sadly​.

    Thank you for your info here and let me know if there are any questions. We’ll update you too if we do find any better solutions.

  • Andrew Korte

    Thanks for the response, Courtnie! One other idea we had was to apply XBRL to every line on a given page (we were looking at Page 232 since nearly every line gets a footnote for us on that page). We would have the same setup as I described above (with a spreadsheet linking to the document where the XBRL is then applied). If there was a line that did not need a footnote, we wouldn't populate it in the spreadsheet. Then it would look like this in the document (destination link with no data, but still has XBRL applied):

    When we tried this, the rendering still showed the footnote letter with no footnote text:

    Is there a way to prevent the rendering from showing the blank letter (b) other than removing the XBRL applied to the line? We are trying to automate this as much as possible, so the idea is that the spreadsheet with the footnotes would dictate what does and does not get XBRL applied. I'm guessing there is not a solution for this other than removing the XBRL applied, but wanted to double check in case there was a solution.

    By far the most cumbersome process for our page preparers is dealing with the footnotes, which is why we are testing out some alternative options.

    Thank you!


  • Courtnie Carver

    Hi Andrew!

    For this scenario you would need to remove the footnote mapping from the cell (fact) in the spreadsheet. You can this without actually deleting the footnote. In the future if that footnote ends up populated, you could update the content and then re-add that footnote to the relevant spreadsheet cell.

    We do not have any kind of 'suppress'  footnote feature, just 'create & delete' with 'add & remove' of created footnotes.

    I hope this helps and please let us know if need anything else!

    Thank you and happy Friday!


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