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Copy attachments from the PBC request experience to the control test form




  • Joshua Moore

    Hello Jonathan!

    At a minimum, you could utilize the attachments panel to download a zip of all the files (instead of downloading one-by-one) and then upload that zip to the controls form! I will submit a ticket so that our product team can review this enhancement request and you can stay up to date!


  • Udo

    In our SOX/IC database, the attachments are transferred automatically from the Request experience to the test form, either by submitting the request or by approving the uploaded data as Approver in the request.

  • Jonathan Maldonado

    Hi Udo: What I mention is something different.  For example:  If you want to include the PBC into the Testing Matrix (for either a Population, Samples or General Requests) you have to download the file to your computer and then re-upload it, which does not create efficiencies.


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