Classic file types are no longer available for use as of January 2021. You can transition your classic files or download a PDF. Learn More

Classic File




  • Mike

    Hi Dalena!

    Thanks for the question. Happy to answer it for ya.

    Classic files are those that were created in the prior, Flash-based Workiva experience, which we ceased using in 2020. We transitioned many of those files to "next gen" versions of the same in our current platform which is in use today. The classic files include Classic Documents, Classic Workbooks, and Classic Projects. There were/are some classic files that may not have been transitioned over but still remain in your Workspace. Those files were created before "next gen" much like they are created today, from the Create options in Home or from copies. However, no new classic files have been created for quite some time and we are in process of purging them from our system. Typically you can identify them because they are greyed out and have a more box-shaped icon.

    Does that help answer your question? Let me know if you do have any follow-ups for me or you need anything else. Thanks again and have a super day!

  • Dalena Espino

    Appreciate your prompt response.  Thanks. 


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