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custom shading a cell in excel worksheet




  • Official comment

    Quick update for y'all here.

    Now in Workiva's color picker, if you hover over a color, you will see the Hex (#) value and the rgb value of the color.

    While this won't identify a color used in a file location by hovering over it, if you chose an item (like a cell, border, or highlighted text) you can see the value of the color selected. You can also see all the values for the pre-loaded colors and your custom colors too.

    Thanks for your patience along the way. Let us know if you have any questions on this or need anything else. Cheers!

  • Mike

    Hi Hetal! Welcome to the community 😊

    Yes, you can pick a custom color for the alternate row shading. From the Formats option on the right-hand panel, choose Custom Format and click on the color to change, which pulls up the color picker.

    The best way to add your company color here is to insert the hex code, which is a six-digit number starting with #. The other option is to use the RBG code which is three series of three digit numbers. Here's some websites that can help you convert a color code if you have it in CYMK or RGB and want the hex code.

    Let me know what questions you have for me, or if you need anything else. Thanks for the question, and happy Friday!

  • Eben Sutton

    If a previous team member set a custom color code but has left, and we know want to shade other tables using the same color, is there a way to identify which hex code was used since the "custom colors" shown above is stored in the user's profile and is thus only available to them?

  • Mike

    Hi Eben!

    This can definitely be tricky at times, and a popular enhancement request too (see here). We've outline some tips on that same post with how to use some tools to find the hex code being used. Let me know if there are any questions on those tips and in the meantime I'll get you added to our list of folks interested in that feature. Holler with any questions in the meantime and happy Friday!


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