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  • Official comment
    Brandon Ehrecke

    Hi Jennifer! Great question, I would recommend using conditional formatting for this. You will just need to create a rule to detect non-zero values in the relevant cells. Take a look at our support page on conditional formatting here:

  • Jenniffer Vielman-Vasquez

    Thank you Brandon.....we already use conditional formatting which definitely helps. I was wondering about notifications only because at one point we have like 6 audits going on with 6 different check files, we also have a quarterly and annual bond disclosure going on around the same time. Although we do try to keep an eye on the check files, we had an instance last year where one was almost missed. Thank you for the definitely makes it easier to spot issues. 

  • Brandon Ehrecke

    Hi Jennifer! Sorry for the delay. I don't believe that this is a current feature of the platform. I have submitted a ticket to our product team to see if this is something we will be able to implement. You will be notified of any updates regarding this. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Have a nice day!


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