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2022 XBRL Taxonomy




  • Official comment


    Good news. Recently, the 2022 taxonomy was made available for use in the Workiva Platform. And as promised, we are hosting a webinar on June 1 to go over the ins and outs of this year's release. Thanks again for the question and happy migrating!

  • Mike

    Hello and welcome to the Community, Alexis!

    Thanks for asking. The SEC has not yet approved the 2022 US GAAP taxonomy but we are expecting them to accept it within the coming weeks, as is their usual timeline. Once accepted, our product team will work quickly to make the new taxonomy available for use in the Workiva Platform. We will definitely keep you posted once it is made available, both here in the Community and also via Release Notes.

    Give us a holler if you do have any further questions or need anything else. Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Kenneth Ho

    Hi Mike, 

    Does Workiva plan to hold a webcast going over the key changes in the 2022 taxonomy?  Thanks. 


  • Mike

    Hi Ken!

    Yes, we do have plans to host a webinar on the 2022 UGT. Right now we are aiming for early June but keep your eyes peeled to Training & Webinars for that announcement and registration links.

    Thanks as always and keep staying great!


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