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Document Markup Access Issues




  • Mike

    Hi Maureen!

    Thanks for the question. Our Product Team is working so that Workiva will eventually have roles and abilities related to markup. The current plans did not yet include opening it up to Viewers, though they could potentially add that in based on the need/desire for it, so your suggestion here is quite timely. We've passed this info along to the team and will definitely keep you apprised. Any others who would find value in allowing markup access to Viewers should give this idea a vote and/or add your own use case below. Each little bit helps, after all.

  • Lydia Hardy

    Chiming in that this would be a great feature to have! We have interns working for us this summer and we'd love to have them help us with tie-outs, but without worrying about them accidentally making edits to our documents.

  • Diane Siefker

    I agree that this would be a great feature to have. We have individuals reviewing and approving our tie-outs, but would prefer that they would not be able to change the live document.

  • Shreya Shetty

    yes pls this would be a great feature too have, dont want to accidentally edit the document while updating mark ups 


  • Jill Nardo

    This feature would be great for us too.   We have a point in our 10Q process where we lock edit capabilities for most of the users but those that we lock out still need markup ability.   Thank you.

  • Mike

    Thanks, Jill!

  • Jermy Johnson

    Any update on this feature? We are re-looking at using markup now that a lot of the initial bugs have been fixed and more features added. But not being able to lock the section/lock the underlying layer of the document when markup is on is still a concern. Any update would be appreciated. Thanks 

  • Isaac Oard

    Hi Jermy Johnson 
    We are working to get this prioritized as that is a known issue with document markup.


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