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Processes - Data Requests




  • Andrew Otto

    That would be a helpful feature. It would also be useful if we have a reviewer on a task as well.

  • Mike

    Hi Michael and Andrew!

    Thanks for your interest here. I can confirm that currently this is NOT available, but it is planned. I don't have a timeline as of yet, but I'm happy to get you both connected to that body of work so you can keep apprised. Should anyone else be interested as well, just let me know and we'll get you connected as well.

    Give us a holler if you have any questions or need anything else. Cheers, and thanks for the contributions!

  • Brian Bracey

    I'm interested in the features suggested above as well. In addition, I also thought of a couple things that would be helpful when using the Process Monitor:

    1. Ability to sort/filter on the columns
    2. Ability to remove/hide canceled tasks (or re-open if canceled by mistake)
  • Julia Reinert

    Hi all,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We have shared your suggestion with our development team and will let you know if anything changes. Anyone passing by is also encouraged to vote up/comment on these suggestions.

    Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime:)


  • Joe McDaniel

    Brian's comment about being able to sort/filter columns and remove/hide canceled tasks is something we would use, too.


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