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Auditor send for review



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  • Stephanie Hout

    We are constantly trying to get people to comment directly in Workiva so we have a record, including our auditors.

    From their perspective, our team has a senior aggregating all manager and partner comments, so they simply aggregate in the review version in Workiva- they told us it takes about the same amount of time. They can see any responses we type in their comments, but they can't see live changes. 

    Our best practices:

    • we had to coordinate with our IT group because the SSO we implemented required a work-around to allow the auditors access
    • don't send the same blackline to any internal reviewers- label the auditor version clearly as auditor
    • make sure ALL comments are turned off- you can re-distribute a review copy that has their comments specifically
    • our group is all remote, so we do a lot of discussion IN the comment section of Workiva, so get in the habit of not having that discussion in the auditor comments- we tend to leave a comment next to it where we leave feedback if we have a disagreement.
    • we would often send them an in-between drafts version so they can close their comments. We don't delete comments, and we have them resolve their own, so it's nice to have them in there closing things they are good with.

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