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Monitoring of delegated PBC requests




  • Paige Ringhofer

    Hi Udo,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Managers may want to start by running a Requests Report to view the forwarded requests. The managers may need to be given permission by an Admin to run this report. 

    Let us know if we can help with anything else.


  • Alex Yassemedis

    Hi Udo and Paige, 

    Our team/business has a similar issue when using the integrated PBCs. I understand there is a Requests Report that can be configured, I believe we have something of the sort already in place. However, I don't believe this report is user-centric and allows managers to view ALL delegated requests within the platform. Without having to create a separate report or table for each Manager (this would be too time-consuming), is there a way to enable user-centric permissioning to this request report so that managers who delegate their requests can easily jump into this report and view ONLY their delegated PBCs?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance!


  • Udo

    Hi Alexandra,

    That's exactly the point. We have this Requests report but it shows all requests and so far was only accessible for the auditors team. I have now granted access for the requesting manager but keep this as an exception. I guess, when you delegate a request, you are out of the loop, so it's hard to keep track of such requests. Maybe Workiva should distinguish between "Forward" as some kind of full hand over and "Delegate" where you stil can monitor this request. 



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