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Setting Page Margins in Spreadsheets?




  • Official comment

    Great news! This is now on the roadmap for future planning by our product team. We'll keep you apprised of any further development should work be planned. We'll continue to take in requests and feedback here in the meantime. Thanks again and have a super day!

  • Regan Edwards

    Hi Sarah, unfortunately, there isn't a way to customer page margins in spreadsheets for PDF printing right now. However, this idea has been proposed to production, if you would like I can add you to this idea! 

    Let me know if you have any other questions! 

  • Mark Lincoln

    Hi Regan, thanks for taking a look at this. I would also be interested in this functionality, and am following this post to hopefully hear more!

  • Regan Edwards

    Hi Mark! Thanks for letting us know! I went ahead and added your feedback! 

  • Matthew Powers

    Hi Regan - I am also interested in this feature, and I also just created a post concerning headers when you print a spreadsheet to PDF. 

  • Cate Marshall

    Hi Regan, I'm also interested. It is extremely challenging to print/pdf from spreadsheets. We ideally need to be able to adjust margins and "print to sheet" to fully transition from Excel. Thanks!

  • Mike Harrington

    Please put us down as interested in this as well. Thanks!

  • Tilak Dubey

    Hi Regan, I am also interested in this feature.

  • Vishal Rajani

    Hi Team, Any solution on this yet? It would be helpful if you can help fix this. thanks..

  • Hina Sanghi

    Hi, It would be helpful if there is a fix. Thanks

  • Amelia Kelly

    Interested in this also. 

  • Kate Kapytskaya

    Hi, is there any update on the margin feature?

    I was also wondering if it is possible to set up certain spreadsheet tabs as portrait printouts and certain ones as landscape printouts - all in the same spreadsheet.

    Thank you

  • Mandy Wu

    I'm also interested in this und hopefully there will be an update on this. Thank you.

  • Kyle Panos

    I'm also interested in being able to set custom margins. Is this option being developed?

  • Kylie Bell

    Hi Kyle!

    Thanks for letting us know! I went ahead and added your feedback! 

  • Louise Clement

    We'd also very much like to be able to modify the margins in spreadsheets, as there's a lot of wasted space that we'd like to use for tables with many columns.


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