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Spreadsheet - Dragging Cells




  • Official comment
    Courtnie Carver

    UPDATE! A recent release to Wdesk has now made 'drag and drop' feature possible :) 

    Thanks so much for your patience, and let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

  • Regan Edwards

    Hi Tremain and welcome to Community! I went ahead and logged your idea and will let you know if anything changes. Anyone passing by is encouraged to vote up/comment on this idea!

    Happy Wednesday! 

  • Tanya McKean

    I see the new drag and drop feature allows you to drag and drop in the imbedded tables in the document to change the order of rows, but I don't find it working in the spreadsheets. You still have to insert a row first and then cut, paste and delete the old row. Or am I missing something? 

  • Mike

    Hi Tanya,

    You are correct. Drag and drop for rows or columns is not yet available in Spreadsheets, though you can drag and drop a single cell or group of cells. Work for drag and drop for rows/columns is planned and I'm happy to get you connected there.

    Give me a holler if you have any follow-ups for me or you need anything else. Cheers!


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