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Change approver for PBC request



  • Regan

    Hi Sagar!

    Great question! If you are using a report then yes, but the new approver will not get a task sent out and you should be aware it will orphan tasks, and then you will be responsible for clean-up of those. It is also dependent on if you have a report with PBC request data. There is typically a report titled "requests" in most accounts where there is a column for the approver. You will also see the report if you are a data admin or if you have permission to the request. 

    Hope this helps! 

  • Sagar Reddy

    Thanks Regan. It's much helpful. Saying that I have access to reports from where I changed the owners & approvers. However, I cant see those requests reflecting under the new team member view (when he filter for his name, none of these requests are reflecting). It's still reflecting under the old team member view which is the same as before.

    Note: when I open the PBC request, I can see the changes. But somehow these are not reflecting when we filter with the new team member name.

  • Regan

    Sagar, thanks for the feedback. When a request is created it also creates a task. The task is what shows in the request's experience. If you change the assignee after a request is sent you would need to update it on both the task and the request.

    Let me know if this helps! 


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