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Formatting in Copied Docs Not Following Original Doc



  • Regan


    We changed how tables are presented in a document. They used to be block tables and that’s been adjusted to make them inline tables to allow for better cohesion with text/paragraphs. New and transitioned documents would make use of the new inline tables.

    In March, we changed how Next Gen documents containing tables copy those tables. So these formatting adjustments are likely due to the conversion from block tables to inline tables during the copy process.

    Hope this helps!

  • Barbara Wheeler


    Yes, that helps to know. Others who see this can avoid the frustration of recopying their project like I did to verify that the formatting was indeed a consistent issue, rather than just a glitch in my first copied project. 

  • Madison Rittenhouse

    I've been having the same issue with both text and tables randomly indenting. I called customer support and wanted to share the solution:

    Click your cursor to the bottom right corner immediately after the table. Remove the indent in the top left corner on the ruler.

    This resolved the indent issue I was having with tables. Hope this helps.

  • Mike

    Thanks for sharing, Madison!


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