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Restricting Access to Chain Environment



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  • Jeff Hickey

    Hi Bradley. The short answer is unfortunately there isn't a way to restrict users to specific Chain environment/workspaces.

    The long answer (which would not add benefit in most cases) is you could get creative with your Workiva Workspaces and associate one with DEV and the other with PRODUCTION for your Chain Builder environments. Whichever Workspace(s) a user has access to, they'll be able to see it's environments in Chain Builder. This means, if you don't want a user in DEV or PRODUCTION, you would not add them to the Workiva Workspace associated to it. The reason this probably will not add benefit is because Chains can only be promoted to environments within the same workspace. Additionally, this may not be a long-term possibility as this behavior could be adjusted in the future so that Chain Builder Workspaces/Environments must have a corresponding Workiva Workspace to eliminate orphaned environments.


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