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inline xbrl viewer




  • Mike

    Hi Michelle,

    I've been asking around on this one and haven't had many bites. I did get the following reassurance, though.

    We've been able to recreate this behavior on various filings on the SEC website, both filed through Workiva and through other providers. It appears to be a universal issue with the Inline XBRL Viewer.  We would agree with your understanding here of what is occurring, i.e. that if a concept is used in a specific Notes subsection and also on the Financial Statements, then when you click on the specific Notes subsection in the left-side panel of the Inline XBRL Viewer it will often, but not always, (we did notice a few cases where this did not happen) take you to the Financial Statements in the actual document rather than the expected Notes subsection.  I'm no confident on what logic drives the iXBRL outline to document link, though.

    Not exactly an answer, but wanted to provide some insights from our PS team.

  • Michelle Redditt

    This does provide me some comfort that it likely isn't anything that I am doing wrong and that we aren't the only ones with the issue. So, this does help! Thank you!


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