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Planning Experience



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  • Michael Lerch

    Hi David, thanks for posting and I'm glad to hear you are taking advantage of the new planning experience.  Let me try my best to answer these questions, and let me know if you'd like to do a call to further clarify!

    1. Can you detail what you mean by edit/change activities?  Set new start/end dates?  Or swap out one activity for another on an existing Gantt bar?

    2. Much of the power of Wdesk is the connectivity of our data, so be aware that changing the name of a project not only affects the Planning experience, but also time entry, reports, and any other location it is used.  Since this is a broad reaching gesture, you need to go to Data > Project and edit the Project name there.

    3. The planning experience does pull in time entry actuals, whether you are setting these from the context of an Audit or by using the +Create > Time Entry global tracker.  When time is charged to a Project/Activity, you'll see that time accrue as a progress bar on the Gantt chart.

    4. As above, the time tracking actuals will show up!

    5. We have and are currently looking at data flow options.  That said, we've heard a preference for data to flow the other direction rather than having the auditors own the official start and end dates on the audit form.

    Thanks for the feedback!  I'd love to get your perspective on more info you'd like to see in a quick glance.  Feel free to email me ( if you'd like to chat more!


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